The services I currently offer are:

Virtual Assistance – Do you need social media content scheduling? Do you have a Facebook group that needs moderation and just don’t have the time yourself? Are you a blogger who needs content promotion but don’t have the time to do it yourself? I’m available to assist you – find out more about my virtual assistance packages hereavailable on a contract basis.

Blogging – You may be a small business, looking to use your blog to help with sales. You might be a lifestyle blogger, struggling with time constraints. Whichever you are, I can help you create the content you require. £25 for posts 500 words and under, £50 for posts 500-1000 words. Prices to be discussed for larger word counts.

Copywriting – Need an article? I’m your girl. I write on a variety of topics with full research and search engine optimisation.  £35 for articles 500 words and under, £60 for articles 500-1000 words. Prices to be discussed for larger word counts. Full research included.

Proofreading – Do you need a text checked for spelling and grammatical errors? Do you want to make sure it reads correctly and there isn’t some erroneous punctuation hanging around? I can help. £25 for texts under 1000 words, £80 for texts up to 5000 words, prices to be discussed for larger word counts.

Chore Threads – This is mostly blogger specific. If you use various Facebook group chore threads for content promotion, I’m available to help you with these threads. Full access to your social media accounts is required, however I use a secure password manager LastPass to do this. Single threads £10, bulk packages available for a discount (please contact me for more details)