February Madness

It has been a while since I last posted regarding all aspects of my work life and simply put – that is because I have been super busy! I think February was my busiest month ever for work and it saw the return of some clients for long term work after completing some work for them at Christmas time (yay!) and a couple of contracts signed for some more freelance work!

I have seen my personal blogs growing even more and had work obligations for those too. It may have taken me many years to get here but I am so glad I am finally doing the job I have always wanted to do, a job I love and I get to work from home, meaning I can work around my son and his very hectic life. I am very lucky.

I am hoping to post more on here in the upcoming weeks regarding my favourite freelance articles I have been reading, updates to my portfolio and testimonials and much much more. I hope to see you soon!

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