My name is Rebecca Smith. I am a freelance writer, blogger and proofreader based in Hertfordshire.

I have been blogging for seven years consistently (having blogged before then) and have been writing freelance for four years. My previous work includes a beauty article on a local health and beauty website to children’s party ideas and even some parenting articles on big sites such as Emma’s Diary. I have appeared under my own byline on some fairly large blogs and have also ghostwritten for many different clients in the past. I love it when I am challenged to create something completely different to normal – most of my work has been in specific niches but I was recently asked to write an article about the top ten haunted cabins. It was such great fun to do and it was something different from normal and I really enjoyed researching for the article too.

English and the written word has always been my passion but it took me a while to find myself again and I truly believe I have found my calling when it comes to writing. It is amazing that something I love so much can also be my job.

I work from home which means I am always around to discuss any projects. On the off chance that I am out, I always carry my phone with me so can easily respond to any emails or answer any phone calls if required.

If you want to discuss an upcoming project, please do get in touch at rebeccajlsk@gmail.com